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.zip.exe waddel, is u sayin use git?? No i meant how do i make sure i am using the correct version of Skype waddel, i'm try to explain u how to use git I have a problem, my bluetooth devices isn't found, I tested with another laptop and it's connected, the bluetooth devices I have is USB, and the wifi shows the wifi name without ssid or password, but the bluetooth doesn't show anything Its the one i need to use? waddel, giut a git:// ur github i have that git let me see No i mean the version of skype you have, this question is important waddel, git is not compatible with skype make a clone in github and import it ok, so i go to their website and get the one from their site and install it from there? if so how do i find their website? waddel, no, you need to clone the github repository there are option in github u can use ok, is there a video or a manual for this? waddel, i can't the video explain it thank you i cant im on mobile internet oh ok thanks waddel, do u like git or bazaar

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