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Nanak Shah Fakir Film [UPDATED] Free 20

References Category:Sikh GuruQ: How to show progress on Stack Exchange software? When there's a lot of traffic on Stack Exchange sites like SO, SuperUser or ServerFault, how can one show the loading-bar and status message "Please wait..." like on reddit or Digg? A: Stack Exchange sites are not similar to those. There is no reddit-style push/pull or any such thing that would be analogous to the way the Stack Exchange sites work. The posts and the messages are all pushed to the users. There is no pull. You can add a progress bar to your page in a certain time interval if you wish, but it is not the same thing as the current message you see: We have a service that's running behind, please try again in a moment. It is completely different and it has no analog on Stack Exchange sites. Q: DocumentStore Not Returned by WCF Service I have an ASP.NET MVC 4 app that is using OWIN for authentication and authorization. It has some legacy code that is using the legacy WCF Data Services to authenticate and save items to a database. The WCF Data Services uses the DocumentStore for authentication. This is all working well for the most part, but I cannot get a DocumentStore to return when I call it from my WCF service. I have also tried calling it from an MVC controller. The WCF Service Contract: [OperationContract] [WebGet] [Route("GetOperations")] [DataServiceProtocol(Name = "DocumentStore", Namespace = "")] Doc[] GetOperations(); The code in the web.config: be359ba680

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